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Poëzieweek 2015, Geletterde Klanken (02/02/2015)

Geletterde Klanken

Ensembles en leerlingen Academie voor Podiumkunsten olv Angelique Steenhaut, Lydia Rossignol, Karin Straetmans, Lien Van Steendam en Karel van Marcke

+ creatie “Faust” ( Karel Van Marcke ) door het ensemble ‘ 4 ‘
Over Karel Van Marcke
Van Marcke (born in 1967) graduated from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with first prizes for music theory and classical percussion. He then obtained a Master’s degree in Composing & Arranging with a supplementary diploma in jazz piano.

Picture of Karel Van Marcke at the piano

Picture © Jos L. Knaepen

Karel has gone through a whole evolution since his studies. While developing his own style, he focused on music he enjoys himself, on the research into several styles and on the quest for a natural way to integrate different compositional techniques.

His music attempts to keep the contact with the musicians and their audiences alive. He believes that the combination of different styles, complex rhythms and divergent tonalities should not result in difficult music for the listener. This approach paid off in 2000 and 2005 with the award of the composition prize BAP Sabam at the European Jazz Contest in Hoeilaart and in February 2004 he was guest composer at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels for the Belgian Jazz Composers’ Week.

Karel Van Marcke has lots of experience as a composer and has written music for different projects, from movies to music theatre.

The CD ” Concerto Continuo ” with all his classical solo piano and some chamber music will be released spring 2015, label: Prova Records. Performers are: Tom De Neckere (piano), Saskia Van Keer (violin) and Bart De Lausnay (bass trombone).

meer info: http://www.karelvanmarcke.com/

Praktisch: Maandag 2 februari 2015, Pater Taeymanszaal, 19u 30, Toegang 8 euro

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